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Northanger Abbey: The Game! Experience Jane Austen's classic satirical romance in a whole new way. Dance, love, and discover the secrets of the Abbey. Choose one of three genders and five love/friendship interests, and see what lies beyond the pages of the novel.

Still very much in production, but I'd love to hear people's feedback on what I have thus far!

The main character is Christopher/Kit/Catherine, a 17 year old romantic hoping to find love on their first trip to Bath. They can be male/female/non binary and present as male/female/genderqueer. 

There are five possible love interests:

  • Henry Tilney: A snarky priest with an eye for muslin.
  • Eleanor Tilney: An artist with a quiet, dry wit.
  • Evelyn Stratford: An androgynous figure of mysterious intent.
  • Isabella Thorpe: Your new best friend, whether you like it or not.
  • John Thorpe: ... he really likes horses. 

All paths can be platonic or romantic. The game is intended to have screen reader support, but this has not been thoroughly tested.

Below is the link to the demo, if you're feeling brave check out the latest build.

Note: Although overall fluffy and light, this game is set in the 19th century, and I haven't entirely softened the sharp edges of history. Also, the main character was a cis woman in the original text, and traces of this remain regardless of how the character identifies in the game.


NorthangerAbbeyDemo-1.0-mac.zip 28 MB
NorthangerAbbeyDemo-1.0-pc.zip 42 MB

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I really am sad, I wanted to date the footman  John Smith  ówò

Nay, your game really is nice and has a great atmoshpere, but is somehow hard to follow when you're not english of perfectly bilingual x)

Ah, I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to this! Sorry the language is hard to follow, it's an unfortunate side effect of using so much of the original 18th century language. And you're not the only person to be sad about John Smith. We'll see ;)

Don't worry I just took the same amount of time to reply to you right now x) Aaaah that would be so cool !! Please let me know (however you can ) if you include a romantic story with him ! ( I hope I'll get better in english before //)

I am so intrigued and excited by this concept! I love Jane Austen and I am always looking to make it gayer.

I hope the game is still in production, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished, though excited to play the demo!


Thank you! It is still in production but on hold right at the moment while I work on some joint projects that have recently picked up steam. But I have every intention of finishing it eventually. Here's to making Jane Austen gayer :D

HELL yeah! I love Jane Austen, and as someone that is wildly gay, I appreciate when that joins me. I'd honestly play a million games of this style.


I've played your game twice now and remain ever impressed! ^u^

I'm in a class on Jane Austen and Adaptation, and I was wondering if I also could write a paper on your game? As an adaptation of one of her novels, it's one of the most unique, faithful, queer-positive, and diverse ones I've seen, if not THE most. Thank you so much for making it and I hope you can keep working on it as you are able. :)

Oh wow, thank you! You're welcome to write a paper on it, I'd be curious to see the result! Even if I probably won't entirely get it, I haven't done media analysis essays since highschool and wasn't great at it then. But it's cool to inspire one :D 

Northanger Abbey is a bit on the backburner right now while I work on other projects but is very slowly progressing and I intend to get back to it eventually. Enthusiastic but non-pressury comments like yours are very inspiring so thank you!

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I know the major influence of your game was Austen, but part of me was wondering if you drew inspiration from Woolf (or Sackville-West). Something about the dialogue seems so familiar, but I can't place my finger on it. Though admittedly, I've never really read any of Austen's work (ironic, consideing I'm an English literature major). Curiously enough, this may have convinced me to try her at least once (it's  a miracle on that note). 

I'm enjoying the game so far, and I don't think I'll could go on reading Austen's Northanger Abbey without wishing it to be more queer. It's been a year, but I do hope you'll still be (or are) continuing working on this; it's amazing and has so much potential. 

I wish you luck and more inspration (for this and any other future endeavors)!

On a slightly different note, and perhaps this will sound weird, but part of me can imagine enjoying writing a paper on yours and Austen's versions of Northanger Abbey (it's how I express my love).

Hello! Sorry I took so long to reply, my inbox got a bit ridiculous. Anyway: thank you! I am definitely still working on the game. 

I wasn't drawing on Woolf or Sackville-West consciously, I have read a few Virginia Woolf books but that was years ago and her writing style didn't entirely click for me. But she did a lot of interesting things and soaked into my subconscious, and may have influenced me without me noticing. All the best lines in my game are stolen from Austen, you should definitely check her out! She is alas not very queer, but also not as heteronormative as you might expect. 

I would be utterly thrilled to have  a paper written about something I'd made! (As long as it wasn't, like, "When Adaptations Go Wrong: a Case Study" ;))


 I was going to send you the link to the current unstable build in a private message but afaict itchio doesn't have them?? Anyway, here's the link, it's very rough around the edges but you can romance or befriend both Tilneys.  

I may or may not have scared my mom when I let out a tiny scream upon seeing your reply. Heh.

Thank you for sharing!

And on the contrary, I think the paper will be about the success of adaptations (and why we should make more!) Many great pieces of literature are adaptations, or to a degree, always drawing inspiration from the past and, in a sense, cultivating it in the present. The greatest beauty, at least in my opinion, is the dialogue between "inspiration" and "output;" how Austen pervades it but the strength of your voice shines through, yadda yadda.

 And the game is literature, albeit in an unorthodox form. It's already incredible yet still teeming with so much potential. Writing a novel or another great epic poem is one thing, but straight forward. Games like these are an entirely different cup of tea altogether and an entirely more challenging mode of writing (and that doesn't even include making the art and programming the game!), and they take "losing yourself in literature" to a whole different level because of how interactive it is. People re-read books and the like, but they follow the same path, ultimately they lead to the same ending. There's a beauty in that in itself, of course. But people re-play these games, and look at the paths they can take, the endings they'll reach. The experience of literature is different, but nonetheless amazing.

So, you're honestly brilliant. And gods, I wish for you only the best. Thank you, again!

Hello there!

This is by far the most interesting way that I can think of to introduce me to a Jane Austen novel. I've never read it, but this demo's starting to make me want to; the characters are varied and interesting, and you portray that very well in your interpretation. I'd also like to say that the amount of customization (especially in regards to gender and gender expression) is outstanding! I'm so glad that this was such a big part of your process to include it even in your work-in-progress. If you are still working on this game, I wish you swift development!!

I didn't see anything in the description asking not to do let's plays of the demo, so I have started one, but please don't hesitate to let me know if it makes you uncomfortable. I am happy to take it down if that is what you'd prefer. Have a great day!


Omg this is so great! Thank you! I love it! So glad I have encouraged you to read the book, it's where I stole all the best lines from :) And it was wonderful seeing you enjoy the non binary version of the MC.

I am definitely working on the game still, I took a break to work on another game but now that's finished am planning on getting back to the Abbey. It's going to be a little while before I put out an updated demo since there's lots of little things all over the place I'm tinkering with, but it will happen!

Oh im halfway on this book and i really like it. So to see there is a game is really cool!! :D

It's a great book. You'll have to play my game when you're done and compare :)