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Northanger Abbey: The Game! Experience Jane Austen's classic satirical romance in a whole new way. Dance, love, and discover the secrets of the Abbey. Choose one of three genders and five love/friendship interests, and see what lies beyond the pages of the novel.

Still very much in production, but I'd love to hear people's feedback on what I have thus far!

The structure of the game is such that if you make all the canon choices (eg a good natured but somewhat ditzy female main character who is in love with Henry) then the plot plays out very much like the original book. But the more different your choices, the more different the plot! I have also ignored any parts of the broader historical context that I find inconvenient, eg Austen never says anything about trans people or wheelchairs one way or the other, so I felt free to use my imagination.

Current state of the game: I have finished the "canon" main branch about Henry and Eleanor, and am getting feedback on it before starting the other paths.

Main character:

A 17 year old romantic hoping to find love on their first trip to Bath. Can be male/female/non binary and present as male/female/genderqueer.

Love interests:

  • Henry Tilney: A snarky priest with an eye for muslin.
  • Eleanor Tilney: A young woman with a quiet, dry wit.
  • Isabella Thorpe: An enthusiastic, friendly young woman with a ruthless streak.
  • John Thorpe: ... he really likes horses. 
  • Evelyn Stratford: An androgynous figure so mysterious they're not even in this demo!

Note: Although overall fluffy and light, this game is set in the 19th century and deals with issues of sexism and queer sexuality/gender. I've tried to soften the sharp edges of history without breaking the player's suspension of disbelief, but YMMV on whether I succeeded. Also, the main character was a cis woman in the original text, and traces of this remain regardless of how the character identifies in the game.


NorthangerAbbey-1.0-all.zip (34 MB)


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I know the major influence of your game was Austen, but part of me was wondering if you drew inspiration from Woolf (or Sackville-West). Something about the dialogue seems so familiar, but I can't place my finger on it. Though admittedly, I've never really read any of Austen's work (ironic, consideing I'm an English literature major). Curiously enough, this may have convinced me to try her at least once (itaspiracle is right on that note). 

I'm enjoying the game so far, and I don't think I'll could go on reading Austen's Northanger Abbey without wishing it to be more queer. It's been a year, but I do hope you'll still be (or are) continuing working on this; it's amazing and has so much potential. 

I wish you luck and more inspration (for this and any other future endeavors)!

On a slightly different note, and perhaps this will sound weird, but part of me can imagine enjoying writing a paper on yours and Austen's versions of Northanger Abbey (it's how I express my love).

Hello there!

This is by far the most interesting way that I can think of to introduce me to a Jane Austen novel. I've never read it, but this demo's starting to make me want to; the characters are varied and interesting, and you portray that very well in your interpretation. I'd also like to say that the amount of customization (especially in regards to gender and gender expression) is outstanding! I'm so glad that this was such a big part of your process to include it even in your work-in-progress. If you are still working on this game, I wish you swift development!!

I didn't see anything in the description asking not to do let's plays of the demo, so I have started one, but please don't hesitate to let me know if it makes you uncomfortable. I am happy to take it down if that is what you'd prefer. Have a great day!


Omg this is so great! Thank you! I love it! So glad I have encouraged you to read the book, it's where I stole all the best lines from :) And it was wonderful seeing you enjoy the non binary version of the MC.

I am definitely working on the game still, I took a break to work on another game but now that's finished am planning on getting back to the Abbey. It's going to be a little while before I put out an updated demo since there's lots of little things all over the place I'm tinkering with, but it will happen!

Oh im halfway on this book and i really like it. So to see there is a game is really cool!! :D

It's a great book. You'll have to play my game when you're done and compare :)