A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the secret page for the cutting edge build of Northanger Abbey, uploaded so people can give me feedback and I can make the game more fun. To learn more about the project see the official page.

The game has a single "pre path choice" section, then divides into three paths: The Tilney path, with Eleanor and Henry; the Thorpe path with Isabella and John; and the Evelyn path

Every path can be played as romance or friendship. Currently only the Tilney path has been written. 

Questions for players:

  • Anything that you especially liked?
  • Anything that bugged you or seemed outright wrong?
  • Anything you would liked to have seen but didn't?
  • Which love interest did you like most?
  • Anything you'd especially like to see in the Thorpe or Evelyn paths?
  • Anything about the structure of the Tilney path that didn't work for you?
  • Any access issues? It should be playable via audio cues if you press v.

General plans:

  • Redraw all the sprites into a consistent style, including hand drawn crosshatching. 
  • music (period classical pieces)
  • a tutorial for people unfamiliar with visual novel conventions. 
  • better descriptions for people playing via audio.

Walkthrough for getting onto the Evelyn path (such as it is), since it's a little complicated:

Generally: be kind, intelligent, curious, and self confident.
Talk to the servant, help with the tea.
Talk to Mrs Hughes every chance you get. Tell her the court case is doomed.
Investigate the mysterious woman. Ask "Do you know Mrs Hughes".
Go with Mrs Hughes.
Do not go to the Abbey if invited.


NorthangerAbbey-1.0-mac.zip 28 MB
NorthangerAbbey-1.0-pc.zip 42 MB